Ruben Reyes (Ricardo)

ricardo-facing-left2-u3172-frA Garifuna scholar and educator born in Tela, Honduras, Ruben has extensive knowledge of the Garifuna culture and history and is an expert in Garifuna language.  He teaches Garifuna language classes in Los Angeles and also produces “The Sásamu show,” a weekly program of interviews on about Garifuna culture and issues in the community.  Ruben is also the inventor of the Garifuna clock, editor of the first Garifuna Trilingual Dictionary, and designer of the Garifuna flag emblem.  He has also translated the National Anthems of Honduras, Guatemala and the United States into Garifuna, and co-founded the Garifuna Museum of Los Angeles.

Gloria Garnett (Becky)

0023i1-u1807-frBorn in Belize, in the small town of Punta Gorda, she is one of three children.  Gloria acted in numerous plays in her youth.  She later become a certified midwife and nurse and has worked in these roles since 1974 in Belize to be able to provide for her for her family. She decided to migrate to Los Angeles in her 20’s to create a better life for her children and has been working for L.A. County for 24 years and loves public outreach as well as spending time with her family and friends and having fun. She never forgot about her passion for acting and her Belizean community. She is pursuing her new acting career in movies.

Julian Castillo (Miguel)

rt17-u1795-frAn actor and musician from Triunfo de la Cruz, Honduras, Julian “Mito” Castillo has toured internationally with performing arts and cultural groups.  He has appeared as a backup vocalist in several of Aurelio Martinez’s music videos shot in Triunfo.


Aubrey Wakeling (Richard)

flag05-u1799-frAubrey has been a professional actor since 1993.  British and Classically trained, he worked in the theater for many years, including performances in the West End, London.  He moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to pursue a career in film, and has since been in much demand as a character actor.  He has numerous movie and TV roles to his name, including the lead in the Emmy winning “Power of Art” produced by the BBC.

Arleny Escobar (Vera)

v20-u1803-frArleny Escobar was born in La Ceiba and and grew up in the Garifuna community of Sambo Creek, Honduras.  After obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism in Honduras, she won a scholarship to study Natural Resource Technology at Mt. Hood Community College in Oregon.  Upon returning to Honduras, she worked as cabin crew for Rollins Ceiba Airlines and also appeared as an on-camera host for many programs on  Arleny is a humble Christian girl who aims to project herself into the world of acting.

Yessica Alvarez (Helena)

52-u2005-frFrom Tornabe, Honduras, but now living in Los Angeles, Yessica now attends L.A. Trade Tech College.



Luisito Martinez (Gabriel)

s04-u2008-frOriginally from Triunfo de la Cruz, Honduras, Luisito has been a musician and dancer in the United States for many years, performing with bands such as Punta Cartel.



E.J. Mejia, Jr. (Elijah)

g103-u2011-frWas born in Inglewood, California and raised in South Central Los Angeles for most of his life and his heart forever goes out to his Garifuna culture & heritage, from his father’s side. He commits to serve in the United States Air Force and fulfill his dream to become the first military officer in his family.  Later he wishes to pursue a civilian career in acting and as a musical performer.  He often performs onstage at events such as Garifuna Settlement Day alongside his cousins in the group “HeadPhonez Entertainment”, going by the stage name of “Jo’ Grind”—or as “Jaye” for American genres.  E.J. takes extreme pleasure in dancing and performing when it comes to Garifuna/Belizean functions as he is surrounded by Garifuna music, family, friends, and loved ones.

Etsil Arnold (Jimmy)

etsil-cropped-u2014-frStudied speech and debate and theater in high school and at El Camino College, appearing in such theater productions as “The Laramie Project”.  Etsil now attends San Francisco State University as an English Education major, while pursuing an acting career.



Saira Amaya (Wendy)

t04-u2017-frActively pursuing an acting career in Honduras, Saira participates in many plays and theater productions produced in the North Coast, even in remote locations such as Plaplaya in the Mosquito Coast.



Araceli Nuñez (Yanisi)

yanis01-u2870-frActively pursuing an acting career in New York, Araceli participates in many Garifuna events and sponsors the annual Domitila Flavia Fernandez Saravia Essay Contest.